Microwave Flapjacks

This recipe from Frances Adam makes about 16 flapjacks.


100g / 4oz Butter

25g / 1oz Caster Sugar

40g / 1 ½ oz soft brown sugar

4 tbsp Golden Syrup

Pinch of salt

200g / 7oz Rolled Oats

50g / 2oz Cranberries


  • Lightly grease a square microwavable dish with butter, approx 23cm or 9’ squared.
  • Place butter, caster sugar and brown sugar in a microwavable bowl.
  • Cook on Full Power for 1 ½ mins.
  • Add the syrup, oats and cranberries, mixing well to cover all the oats in the syrupy mixture.
  • Tip into a greased dish and press evenly down.
  • Cook in the Microwave on Full Power for 5 mins.
  • Leave to cool in the dish and cut into squares.