Winter Solstice Swim Experiences – Report

Thanks Maree and Isabella for a beautiful start to the day with a refreshing Solstice dip, delicious food and lovely company.

Judi Scott

Isabella and I continued our planning for the Winter Solstice Swim Experiences, keeping a close eye on the weather and swell forecasts. We had the most fabulous three days of swimming in the dawn and the dusk. We introduced our wonderful participants to the traditions of the Winter Solstice, across a variety of cultures and countries. Isabella had prepared delicious post-swim snacks, displayed with colour and impact, to highlight the food associated with festivities normally held around the globe at this special time of year. We are grateful for the end of what has been a tough year, the sun beginning it’s climb into the sky, is worthy of celebration, as we turn our eyes towards the light and renewed hope. The peace of the dawn and the softness of the dusk added ambience to each day, in a unique and special way. Our lovely swimmers took time to reflect upon the thoughts of rebirth, hope and new beginnings in the light of the “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” as the planets conjoined and began the transition from Capricorn to Aquarius. Our celebrations were added to by a short piece of writing by Janette Fenton and hope bouquets tied by Frances Adam. We are most grateful to them both.

December disappeared in a flash! I had planned a combined day for Projekt 42 and Mental Health Swims on the 6th of December, after huge storms the previous day, an early morning recce was required. We met at 1000 at the Bedford Terrace Groyn, taking one side each!! Much squealing and fun was had amongst the beautiful wooden debris, some arranged into artwork and sculptures.

Christmas day dawned bright and I headed to the beach with Santa Hats to celebrate with a traditional early morning swim. A phone call – “Would we be swimming today? Would we be happy for a few photographs to be taken?” And so we made the papers this week – luckily Darcy was on hand to take a few lovely photos of her own.

Christmas Morning Swim 2020
Just splashing around

The final days of December brought some ice and snow and the sea temperatures plummet ever closer to the elusive 5 degrees. My mentor Sarah Wiseman from Beyond the Water who is based in the Spey Valley has already had to break the ice to swim this year. I feel that even in lockdown an ice swim may be an exciting target for the next few days as I see the Avon Lagoon had an ice layer this morning. Maybe a visit to Bonaly with an ice pick is required. Watch this space!!!!!

Beautifully organised solstice swim and so much more this morning. Maree and Bella are friendly and knowledgeable. Loved the introduction to solstice around the world and the food was excellent. We enjoyed the great talk about the foods of the solstice. Can’t wait to join you for another event soon.

Avril Mahon Roberts, Women Run Strong

Happy New Year when it comes folks. Hoping for freedom and fun in 2021!!